Free, easy-to-use tools that lead to quick and sound decision-making

Field Mapping

See all of your fields in one place

Stay organized with the big picture of your farm this season. See your fields, crops, and the notes you've taken while scouting—all on our crystal clear satellite maps.

Rainfall Tracking

Know field conditions without checking rain gauges

Remotely track how much rain your fields receive and when. Know how rain has historically affected your crops; receive timely rainfall notifications in your inbox, and follow rainfall events over the course of the day, the week, and the whole growing season.

GDD Accumulation

Know the historical effects of heat on your crops

Get a day-by-day look at how many heat units are accumulating at the field this season and compare with prior seasons.

Soil Composition Maps

See what your fields are made of

Add a field to your account, and you’ll see a soil map of that field generate in minutes. Our maps are color-coded and easy to read to help you make better seed and nutrient decisions.

Scouting and Notes

An easier way to share field knowledge

Scouting a field? Our app will show you where you are on the map. Type a quick note or take a picture while you’re there to recall or securely share important information later.

Activity Tracking

Ditch the headache of dealing with paper

FarmLogs makes it easy to digitally log and review all of your field activities. Your records will be organized, secure, and accessible from any desktop or mobile device.

Yield Maps

See how your fields performed

Import your combine data to view easy-to-understand, color-coded yield maps. Use the maps to assess the results of seasonal experiments and get a big-picture view of yield performance.

Input Planning

No more messy spreadsheets

The FarmLogs' Input Planning tool allows you to view your crops, customize your inputs and rates, and see your budget in just two minutes. See exactly where your money is going and what you stand to make.

Inventory management

Monitor the movement of your crops with ease

See where your crops are stored and view transaction history as you move grain from the field, into storage, and to the buyer.

Growth Stage Analysis

Track the growth stage of your plants remotely

Whether crops are still in the early growth stage or quickly approaching maturity, we’ll help you time your application efficiently with continuously-updating growth stage and maturity estimates.

Catch yield threats sooner, minimize uncertainty, and increase your margins

Nitrogen Monitoring

Take the guesswork out of nitrogen levels

Increase yield and lower your input costs with FarmLogs Nitrogen Monitoring. It shows you daily N availability and provides unlimited, flat-rate application recommendations to give you control over N waste and runoff.

Crop Health Monitoring

We'll notify you when something's wrong

In-season Crop Health Monitoring automatically sends an alert when it detects problems in your fields. We’ll guide you to the exact location of the area in question so you can react to yield threats immediately.

Automatic Activity Recording

Hands-off record-keeping

Automatically record all of the in-field activities happening on your farm. Keep detailed and accurate records without spending additional time entering information manually. After it’s recorded, you can access your information anywhere—at home or in the field.

An easy way to farm based on the unique characteristics of your fields

Variable Rate Nitrogen Prescriptions

Apply only what you need where you need it

Get the best return on your input investment. Variable Rate Nitrogen Prescriptions sync with your equipment to apply variable rates based on the unique characteristics of each of your fields and daily weather updates.

Variable Rate Seed Prescriptions

Get the most yield from each zone

Take the guesswork out of how much seed to put down per management zone. FarmLogs syncs with your equipment to plant seed at variable rates based on the unique characteristics of each of your fields.

Take a hands-off approach to yield mapping

Flow Hardware Device

Automatic Yield Maps

Get instant access to your yield maps as your combine harvests with the FarmLogs Flow. Effortlessly know the yield of your fields, including various management zones. No transfers. No thumb drives. It’s your information, and it’s accessible whenever you want!

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