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FarmLogs helps growers improve yield and eliminate waste with minimal effort.

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Crop Health Monitoring

We’ll notify you when something’s wrong

Rainfall Tracking

Know field conditions without checking rain gauges


Take the guesswork out of nitrogen levels

Scouting and Notes

Instantly share discoveries in the field with the people who need to know

Soil Maps

Understand field soil makeup and nutrient impact

Variable Rate Prescriptions

An easy way to farm based on the unique characteristics of your fields

Record-Keeping Made Easy

"With FarmLogs, the days of having a pile of notebooks full of planting dates and seed varieties is over. Everything I need to track is right at my fingertips!" — Asa P., Kansas

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"I really like this program and everyone is very helpful. This is by far the best farm app I have seen yet."
Steve Fulling
Illinois farmer
"It's really simple to use—and I don't know much about technology. So if I can use it, anyone can."
Scott Jones
Georgia farmer
"I have struggled keeping up with the rainfall over the years, but no more! I can't imagine not having FarmLogs."
Heather Rochester
South Carolina farmer

Access Anywhere

At the office or in the field, FarmLogs works on your device


Sync your fields' data with co-ops, service-providers, and landlords

Rest Assured

You own your data, and we keep it secure, private, and protected

We're here for you.

We're a farmer-founded, independently-owned team in the heart of the Midwest—and we have the best customer support in the business.

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