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From making more profitable grain marketing decisions to tracking rainfall, FarmLogs Standard will help you streamline your operation and manage it more efficiently–for free.

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Know when to sell and when to wait

Make easier, more informed marketing decisions to improve the profitability of your farm. 


See all of your fields in one place

Get an aerial view of where your fields are and what you've planted on our crystal clear satellite maps.

"Love the aerial views of our fields. The simplicity of the app is very nice. We use it to track all of the fields we farm, manage, and consult for. Would strongly suggest FarmLogs!"
Mike S., Nebraska


Know field conditions without checking rain gauges

Plan your day better by remotely tracking how much rain your fields receive and when. Receive timely rainfall notifications in your inbox to follow rainfall events.

"The rainfall tracker is a phenomenal tool. It has saved a lot of time driving around to check if it has rained in areas where we need to be."
John T., Michigan


Know the historical effects of heat on your crops

Get a day-by-day look at how many heat units are accumulating on your fields this season and compare it with prior seasons.

"I checked my email from FarmLogs and saw that one of our fields had emerged with our corn crop... I drove to our farm and when I got to the field, I couldn’t believe that the crop was actually out of the ground. I was so interested by how accurate FarmLogs GDD was that I started watching my other fields and waiting for the crops to emerge."
Walker T., Louisiana


See what soil types are in your fields

Add a field to your account, and you’ll see a soil map of that field generate in minutes. Our maps are color-coded and easy-to-read, and can help you make better seed and nutrient decisions as you plan for the season.

"I find the mapping feature along with the soil maps to be most helpful. It is quick and helps me when working on nutrient management plans."
AJ L., North Carolina


An easier way to share field knowledge

Scouting a field? Our app will show you where you are on the map. Type a quick note or take a picture while you're there to recall or securely share important information later.

"FarmLogs helps me organize my scouting notes. I can log scouting notes on the iPhone app and access them online anywhere."
Mark J, Kansas


Track the growth stage of your plants remotely

Whether crops are still in the early growth stage or quickly approaching maturity, we'll help you time your field work efficiently with continuously-updating growth stage and maturity estimates.


Ditch the headache of dealing with paper

Say goodbye to notebooks and three-ring-binders. FarmLogs makes it easy to digitally log and review all your field activities in one place. Records will be organized, secure, and accessible from any desktop or mobile device.

"FarmLogs keeps better track of records and dates. It's nice to be able to look back and know what day I planted, sprayed, etc... And it's all at my fingertips."
Scott K., North Carolina


Easily keep track of equipment maintenance

Your equipment is one of your most expensive business assets. FarmLogs gives you an easy way to keep a record of each machine you rent or own to track and stay ahead of maintenance issues.

"I like how things flow and work with the screens. I also like the machinery section, and how you can place a photo of each machine and track its maintenance."
Doug R., Iowa


Turn field files into maps and see how each ties back to yield

Turn your field files into easy-to-read maps that you can look at side-by-side. Quickly sort, compare, and contrast how your inputs have contributed to crop yield.

"After harvest, I uploaded the yield files into my FarmLogs account and used the Field Data Explorer to see the difference between the corn varieties. The VT Double PRO® Corn yielded just as good as the VT Triple PRO® Corn and it was much cheaper per bag. I was able to save $7,000 on seed this year after comparing my yield map in the Field Data Explorer against the in-season Crop Health Imagery."
Drew G., Iowa


See how your fields performed

Import your combine data to see intuitive, color-coded yield maps. Use the interactive maps to assess the results of seasonal trials and get a big-picture view of yield performance.

"My favorite feature is being able to upload yield data directly from my combine to FarmLogs. Almost daily I will pull up yield data from the past season while doing tillage or spraying in that field."
Wesley P., Texas

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