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Manage your operation–from inputs to variability–all in one place. Our easy-to-use products will help you increase your farm profits and prepare for a better future.

FarmLogs Crop Manager

Monitor and respond to the factors that are impacting field performance

Management practices. Equipment issues. Weather. How are these factors affecting your yield? These tools will help you find out.

Crop Health Alerts

Prioritize your scouting efforts by knowing where to look first.

Crop Health Imagery

Identify and define problems that can be fixed this growing season and next.

Nitrogen Monitoring

Control your costs by using only the N you need, when you need it.

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FarmLogs Operations Manager

Make your operational decisions more profitable

FarmLogs Operations Manager will help you see exactly how your management and operational practices are affecting your bottom line.

Automatic Activity Recording

Create quick, comprehensive field records without the hassle.

Automatic Data Transfer New in 2017

Effortlessly import field files that are easy-to-read, archived, and all in one place.

Field Data Analyzer New in 2017

Get independent analysis on how your fields performed by zone, input, and more.

Planner & Profit Dashboard (Beta) New in 2017

Make field decisions based on what will contribute to your bottom line.

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FarmLogs Variable Rate Prescriptions

Maximize profits by increasing yields and saving on inputs

Weather is variable. Yield is variable. Soil is variable. FarmLogs prescriptions account for it all to help you prevent overspending on inputs while still reaching your optimal yield.

Corn Seeding Prescriptions

Improve yield and profits by adjusting planting rates to soil productivity and past field performance.

Corn Nitrogen Prescriptions

Hit your yield goal by using the optimal N rate for each zone of your corn field.

Wheat Nitrogen Prescriptions

Hit your yield goal by using the optimal N rate for each zone of your wheat field.

FarmLogs Prescriptions starting at $2.50/acre

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FarmLogs Standard

Start running a more efficient, more profitable farm for FREE

From keeping records to tracking rainfall, FarmLogs Standard will help you streamline your operation and manage it more efficiently–for free.

Rainfall Tracking

Know which fields are workable without checking rain gauges.

Scouting and Notes

Take notes and pictures while you're in the field to recall or securely share important information later.

Field Data Explorer

Turn field files into maps and see how each ties back to yield.

Activity Tracking

Easily keep track of planting, spraying, harvest, and fertilizing.

Soil Composition Maps

Take an interactive look at the soil variability that exists in your fields.

Yield Importer

Import your combine data to see intuitive, color-coded yield maps.

Luke R.
"FarmLogs is an incredible app. As a farm manager for a 6,000 acre farm, we enjoy many of its features."
Luke R., Texas

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