New Products

Designed to help you have a more efficient, more profitable 2017

One size doesn't fit all

Every farm is different. To help you focus on solving the problem that matters most to you, we’ve created a new lineup of farm management tools and packages that every farmer can benefit from—no matter what you grow, or where you’re growing it.

FarmLogs Crop Manager

Management practices. Equipment issues. Weather. How are these factors affecting your yield? These tools will help you find out.

Includes Crop Health Imagery, Crop Health Alerts, and Nitrogen Monitoring


FarmLogs Operations Manager

Make your operational decisions more profitable by seeing exactly how your management practices affect your bottom line.

Includes Automatic Activity Recording, Automatic Data Transfer, Planner & Profit Dashboard (Beta)


FarmLogs Variable Rate Prescriptions

Weather is variable. Yield is variable. Soil is variable. FarmLogs prescriptions account for it all to help you prevent overspending on inputs while still reaching your optimal yield.

Choose from Corn Seeding Prescriptions, Corn Nitrogen Prescriptions, or Wheat Nitrogen Prescriptions