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Record how each crop performed at the field level so you can make better decisions about how to manage each field more efficiently.

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Login from any device; Web or Mobile, at home or in the field. We make sure our system is redundant and reliable and always on.

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Input your costs, projected yields and sales prices to quickly forecast performance and plan for the unexpected.

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No need to ever purchase and install updates. You always have the latest version. Works on Mac, Windows, Linux, iPad, tablets, and more.

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  • Make your plans and track activities, costs and revenue at the field level
  • Enter your equipment and maintenance records for each item

We built FarmLogs to be the easiest and most powerful farm management tool available. One of our farmers actually said, "It's so easy a kindergartner could handle it.". We haven't had any 5 year olds try it but we love that our farmers agree that FarmLogs is a simple and better way to manage all aspects of their farm. Try FarmLogs out for yourself and let us know how it helps you.