Know your true breakeven

Easily create an adjustable plan that accounts for all of your expenses and field work, so you can monitor your profitability and budgets throughout the season.

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A year-round planning tool so you know where you stand at any point of the season

With Planner you can:

  • Create a detailed schedule for your operation that includes crop rotations, input purchases and costs, and applications.
  • Monitor your profitability throughout the season as you move from planned expenses and field work to actual spend and activities.
  • Manage risk and adjust your marketing strategy with a full understanding of your true break-even price.

Create a plan for your entire operation in 3 easy steps

With easy to follow steps, quickly create an accurate plan that you can evaluate and adjust according to what the season brings. 

  • STEP 1: Create programs to make planning and budgeting faster and easier. See the video
  • STEP 2: Plan crops and apply your programs across your entire farm. See the video
  • STEP 3: Estimate your costs so you can see your total spend all in one place. See the video

Know where you stand throughout the season

After creating your Plan, use Profit Dashboard throughout the year to make more informed operational, marketing, and risk management decisions. See your projected revenues and profit based on the expenses, yield target, and commodity price across your entire farm, or broken down by crop.

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Getting started is easy

In order to create a complete and accurate plan, you should gather the following information before you start: 

  • Product details (seed varieties, fertilizers, chemicals, and costs)
  • Field work information (dates and application rates)
  • Land expenses (mortgage, rent, sharecrop agreements, taxes)
  • Other expenses (equipment, labor, utilities, technology subscriptions)

Planner is included in FarmLogs Essentials.

Along with Marketing and Automatic Activity Recording.

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