Nitrogen Monitoring

Respond to nitrogen loss before it costs you yield

If your corn is short on nitrogen (N), it can lead to lost yield. FarmLogs Nitrogen Monitoring tells you how much N you have available on any given day, and estimates for future loss so you have time to apply more and prevent lost bushels.

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Understand the nitrogen available to your corn

Enter your yield goal, planting date, fertilizer type, and the application date of each field to reveal your:

  • Remaining nitrogen need
  • Current amount of N available
  • The expected N loss or gain from soil
  • Current N credit
  • Additional fertilizer needed

Monitor N availability throughout the season

The Nitrogen Monitoring tool also includes a nitrogen depletion chart, which shows your available nitrogen in the field over the course of the growing season.

Manage your nitrogen more efficiently

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Use Nitrogen Monitoring to hit your optimal yield potential

"Over-fertilized corn means wasted nitrogen, which comes off my bottom line. Nitrogen Monitoring helps me apply only the N I need to hit my optimal yield potential."
Dustin K., Wisconsin

FarmLogs Nitrogen Monitoring:

  • Can help you prevent lost yield due to insufficient nitrogen.
  • Can help you prevent wasting N on fields that won't pay back.
  • Can help you respond to in-season weather events that contribute to nitrogen loss.
  • Gives you the information to plan a split nitrogen program with confidence.

A nitrogen model that accounts for recent weather and more

Nitrogen Monitoring accounts for:

  • Daily weather conditions
  • Organic matter credits
  • Ten-year weather averages
  • Previous crops
  • Soil survey data that's averaged across the field
  • Previous fertilizer conditions

Note that our current model does not account for manure applications. Questions about this? Contact us!

Nitrogen Monitoring is included in FarmLogs Crop Manager.

So is Crop Health Imagery and Crop Health Alerts.

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