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Make easier, more informed marketing decisions to improve the profitability of your farm. 

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With Marketing you can:

  • See how the value of your crop is impacted by current futures prices
  • Know your cost of production per bushel
  • Set goals for how much grain you want marketed by when
  • Easily log contracts and spot sales to see how they impact your marketing position

Simple to set up, easy to use

Setting up Marketing is easy. After adding your crop details, you’ll instantly see the value of your crop based on current futures prices. As you record your contracts and spot sales throughout the year, you'll see how each one impacts your marketing position and profitability.

Take the emotion out of your marketing decisions

Set goals for how much of your crop you want marketed by a certain date. Each goal you set will show you how many bushels you need to sell to meet that goal, helping you track your progress and hold yourself accountable to your plan.

Build a more profitable marketing plan

Randy S.
"Now, when we sell some of our crop we enter it in FarmLogs right away, and we always know what percent of our crop we've sold, the basis, what our average price is, and where it needs to be delivered."
Randy S., South Dakota

Easily accessible Market Prices

See current futures prices benchmarked against daily price fluctuation, and search local prices by ZIP code to quickly identify where to get the best price for your grain.

Futures Prices are included with a FarmLogs Standard account. Local Prices are only available with a FarmLogs Essentials subscription.

Make more profitable crop marketing decisions

Marketing is included in FarmLogs Standard, along with Field Mapping, Rainfall Tracking, and more!

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