Crop Health Alerts

Know where to look first when you're scouting

Any time we detect something in a field that appears out of the ordinary, you’ll receive an automatic alert telling you which field to investigate.

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We’ll alert you to yield threats that are hard to see from the road

Here's what farmers are finding with Crop Health Alerts:

  • Nutrient Deficiency
  • Water Stress
  • Herbicide Injury
  • Insect Pressure
  • Deer Damage
  • Hail Damage
  • Disease
  • And More!

Use your imagery to respond to in-season yield threats

"The alert was on the southeast side of the field. We might have missed how bad the grasshoppers were because we were checking the wrong spot."
Zac Y., Texas

Find field problems and crop damage faster

Identify in-season yield threats that may affect your bottom line.

Prioritize your scouting efforts when you don’t have time to manually review your Crop Health Imagery.

Determine if an in-season rescue plan for stressed crops is needed.

See how one Iowa farmer discovered Goss’s Wilt with a FarmLogs Crop Health Alert

Thadd K. is a farmer that grows corn and soybeans on a 3,200 acre farm near Lester, Iowa. Last season, Thadd received a Crop Health Alert on one of his corn fields. After scouting the area indicated by the alert he discovered Goss’s Wilt.

Thadd K.
"After receiving the alert, I went out and checked the fields. At first I wasn’t sure if I’d find anything, but when I got out to the field I found the beginning stages of Goss’s Wilt... Since I was able to catch it early on, I watched it throughout the season."
Thadd K., Iowa

The science behind the alerts

FarmLogs monitors the health of your crop against a baseline of how the field typically performs. That field’s baseline is calculated by using historical satellite imagery that dates back to 2009, along with images of the same season.

An alert is only sent when plant growth looks different than normal for a specific area in your field, which means you shouldn’t get notified unless we detect something out of the ordinary for that particular field.

Crop Health Alerts are included in FarmLogs Crop Manager.

So is Crop Health Imagery and Nitrogen Monitoring.

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