Variable Rate Corn Seeding Prescriptions

Get more out of every dollar you spend on seed

Pushing plant population too high can lead to overspending on seed and reduced yield. FarmLogs Variable Rate Corn Seeding Prescriptions can help you prevent both.

A hassle-free and accurate way to manage variability

Corn Seeding Prescriptions:

  • Help you keep more dollars in your pocket without giving up yield.
  • Are unbiased and easy to use.
  • Can be generated from the field.
  • Don't require you to supply past yield data.
  • Automatically generate seeding zones.
  • Require zero experience managing fields variably.

Don't give extra dollars to the seed company

Our prescriptions are unbiased, which means we’re not making recommendations just to sell you seed. You can expect every corn seed prescription to:

  • Increase your planting rates in areas of the field where there’s higher yield potential.
  • Reduce planting rates in areas of the field where there’s less yield potential.

We generate the zones for you

Vance J.
"I started thinking that I'd like to try some variable rate stuff, but I didn't have a good way of creating maps that I was comfortable with. Then I saw FarmLogs, and I thought, 'This looks simple. I could actually do this easily without having to put a lot of real hard thought and struggle into it.'"
Vance J., Minnesota

Based on historical productivity

Our seeding prescriptions are based on historical crop health satellite imagery rather than soil surveys. Why?

  • The 5-meter resolution of our imagery is much better than the resolution of soil surveys.

  • Using the historical satellite imagery to assess crop potential is more accurate than using something like soil survey data.

  • We have satellite imagery for each of your fields, dating back to 2009. This allows us to map the higher and lower producing areas of any field to produce a precision planting product you can trust.

Generated in minutes

See just how easy it is to create your own seeding prescription.

Each prescription will generate a recommended seeding rate per seed population zone based on your overall yield goal for the field. You can easily make adjustments to the average rate at any time.

Get more out of every dollar you spend on seed

Get Variable Rate Corn Seeding Prescriptions

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