Variable Rate Corn Nitrogen Prescriptions

Increase profits by putting nitrogen where it will pay off

Because your fields are variable, your nitrogen (N) rate should vary too. FarmLogs prescriptions will help you push high performing areas of a field to their full potential while reducing overspending and waste.

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A hassle-free and accurate way to apply nitrogen variably

FarmLogs Corn Nitrogen Prescriptions:

  • Require zero experience managing corn fields variably
  • Automatically account for N-level changes due to weather
  • Are unbiased, easy to use, and don’t require you to enter yield monitor, productivity zone, or soil test results
  • Apply the optimal rate of N to each zone of a corn field to reach your target yield goal.
  • Can be used for fall, preplant, and sidedress applications
  • Can be regenerated throughout the season to account for weather.

Respond to weather confidently

"What makes [FarmLogs N prescriptions] nice is that they keep track of weather, so you know what's happening to nitrogen prior to sidedressing and throughout the growing season."
Corey H., Illinois

How we calculate your corn nitrogen prescriptions

Better data leads to better prescriptions. To create custom N prescriptions for each of your fields, we account for the type of fertilizer you use; your crop rotation; plant nitrogen uptake; and the following:


We have satellite imagery for each of your fields going back to 2009. With this data, we can estimate plant growth at specific stages throughout the season and precisely determine which areas of your field are more (or less) productive. We use these plant results (estimated from imagery) to divide the field up by performance.


Our nitrogen model uses real-time and historical weather data to estimate nitrogen availability by zone, including what you’ve lost due to weather, and what your crop needs. We also use the median of 30-year weather conditions to estimate future impacts of rainfall on N loss and availability.


We use soil survey data to determine the organic matter (OM) level of the soil across your fields. Since OM content affects the amount of nitrogen released by the soil, it is a key factor in producing an accurate variable rate prescription for the field.

Denver D.
"I might not be spending fewer dollars, but if I can maximize the dollars that I am spending by putting inputs in the higher profit zones, then FarmLogs prescriptions just make sense."
Denver D., Ohio

The payoff for managing nitrogen variably

Want to know how variable rate nitrogen recommendations can give you a stronger return on investment?

Managing an 80-acre field based on its variability could increase your yield, reduce input costs, and increase profits by $30/acre!

Unparalleled ease-of-use

Watch this video to see just how easy it is to create your own corn nitrogen prescription.

All you have to do is:

  • Confirm or tell us what crop you planted last year
  • Confirm or set your yield goal for your field
  • Tell us what fertilizer you plan to apply

Start building a stronger nitrogen management plan today

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