Automatic Activity Recording

Create quick, comprehensive field records without the hassle

We make keeping field records simple. Just download the FarmLogs app onto your mobile device, carry it with you while you’re in the cab, and the app will automatically document the job for you.

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Field records automatically generated from the cab

FarmLogs Automatic Activity Recording:

  • Uses the GPS in your mobile device to detect field activity, and creates an accurate record of what happened there.
  • Prompts you to add additional details about the job while you’re still in the field so you don’t forget about them later.
  • Records your machine’s field path, how fast you were going, the day’s wind speed, the time of day, and more.
  • Requires very little manual input, is easy to use, and doesn’t require the purchase of additional hardware.

See what fast and easy record-keeping looks like

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Clint uses Automatic Activity Recording to run his operation more efficiently

Clint J.
"All of our employees have the app on their smartphone. Whether they are lost, or don't know what to do, or what direction of travel the guy before them farmed it, all they have to do is pull up their phone. Automatic Activity Recording also makes our farm manager's job so much easier—he just gets on at the end of the day and makes sure it got recorded. FarmLogs saves us from doing a lot of extra paperwork. It's wonderful."
Clint J., Colorado

Help everyone on your farm keep better records

Kevin H.
"It works great for me. It's real simple to use. My wife, my hired man, my kids are using it. Every activity we do is logged automatically."
Kevin H., North Dakota

More than just ditching paper

Keeping records without paper is one thing. Using records to make decisions is another.
Here are a few ways you can use this tool to streamline your operations.


  • Use field recordings to see if custom work is performed properly
  • Keep an eye out for overlap or gaps
  • Identify double-worked sections of the field


  • Watch for a flashing lightning bolt, which will tell you if someone’s currently in the field
  • Use your field recordings for training and corrective actions


  • Export your records into a CSV file to simplify the process of reporting for insurance or farm programs.
  • Use it in the ATV or truck when you’re out scouting or soil sampling.

How one Wisconsin farmer uses FarmLogs to report plant dates

"The biggest advantage was when I went to the FSA to report plant dates. I simply showed them my Farmlogs account and went field to field... I’m not a fan of bookwork and this helps reduce that workload. It’s been nice to integrate new technology into older equipment."
Dustin K., Wisconsin

Automatic Activity Recording is included in FarmLogs Essentials.

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