We believe in creating a better future for farming.

Our mission is to help growers use technology to create a better future for their farms. Our tools provide timely, unbiased information to help you improve yield and eliminate waste with minimal effort.

We couldn’t do any of this without a world-class team or the help of farmers all around the world.

Meet the FarmLogs Team

  • Jesse Vollmar, CEO & Co-Founder

    Jesse Vollmar

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Brad Koch, CTO & Co-Founder

    Brad Koch

    CTO & Co-Founder

  • Sam Pierce Lolla, Director of Product Design

    Sam Pierce Lolla

    Director of Product Design

  • Chris Schneider, Engineering Manager

    Chris Schneider

    Engineering Manager

  • Andrew Kirkegaard, Product Manager

    Andrew Kirkegaard

    Product Manager

  • Jason Amor, Product Designer

    Jason Amor

    Product Designer

  • Hilary Zdanowski, Customer Advocate

    Hilary Zdanowski

    Customer Advocate

  • Mayank Agarwal, Lead Engineer

    Mayank Agarwal

    Lead Engineer

  • Nick Molen, Frontend Web Developer

    Nick Molen

    Frontend Web Developer

  • John Shriver, Director of Science

    John Shriver

    Director of Science

  • Hiroshi Fukada, Backend Engineer

    Hiroshi Fukada

    Backend Engineer

  • Michael Marsh, Backend Engineer

    Michael Marsh

    Backend Engineer

  • Damian Wieczorek, Android Developer

    Damian Wieczorek

    Android Developer

  • David Zilli, iOS Developer

    David Zilli

    iOS Developer

  • Heidi Craun, VP of Customer Success

    Heidi Craun

    VP of Customer Success

  • Nick Otto, Frontend Web Developer

    Nick Otto

    Frontend Web Developer

  • Kiersten Mutchnick, VP of People Operations

    Kiersten Mutchnick

    VP of People Operations

  • Ellis Valentiner, Data Scientist

    Ellis Valentiner

    Data Scientist

  • Rodney Lyons, Android Developer

    Rodney Lyons

    Android Developer

  • Nick Donohue, Frontend Web Developer

    Nick Donohue

    Frontend Web Developer

  • Bryan Johnson, Engineering Manager

    Bryan Johnson

    Engineering Manager

  • Carl Vitullo, Frontend Web Developer

    Carl Vitullo

    Frontend Web Developer

  • Jon Leitner, VP of Sales & Marketing

    Jon Leitner

    VP of Sales & Marketing

  • Lauren Mullins, Recruiter

    Lauren Mullins


  • Michael Whalen, Backend Engineer

    Michael Whalen

    Backend Engineer

  • Lindsley Paine, Executive Assistant

    Lindsley Paine

    Executive Assistant

  • Frank Burnham, Backend Engineer

    Frank Burnham

    Backend Engineer

  • Amanda Pardo, Customer Advocate

    Amanda Pardo

    Customer Advocate

  • Kelsey Trabue, Product Designer

    Kelsey Trabue

    Product Designer

  • Rishi Prasad, Crop Nutrition & Systems Modeling Scientist

    Rishi Prasad

    Crop Nutrition & Systems Modeling Scientist

  • Bryan Haase, DevOps Engineer

    Bryan Haase

    DevOps Engineer

  • Ashley Rutter, Content Marketing Writer

    Ashley Rutter

    Content Marketing Writer

  • Andrew Paine, Senior Director of Sales

    Andrew Paine

    Senior Director of Sales

  • Olivia Skari, Special Projects

    Olivia Skari

    Special Projects

  • Brian Rowe, Backend Engineer

    Brian Rowe

    Backend Engineer

  • Shep Whitcomb, Product Marketing Manager

    Shep Whitcomb

    Product Marketing Manager

  • Chris Moriarty, Inside Sales Representative

    Chris Moriarty

    Inside Sales Representative

  • Alex Everard, Inside Sales Representative

    Alex Everard

    Inside Sales Representative

  • John Sheets, Inside Sales Representative

    John Sheets

    Inside Sales Representative

  • Sean Kasper, Inside Sales Representative

    Sean Kasper

    Inside Sales Representative

  • JC Castillo, Customer Advocate

    JC Castillo

    Customer Advocate

  • Dr. Tracy Blackmer, Senior Agronomist

    Dr. Tracy Blackmer

    Senior Agronomist

  • Jen Pakravan, Software Program Manager

    Jen Pakravan

    Software Program Manager

  • Faith Bradley, Software Program Manager

    Faith Bradley

    Software Program Manager

  • Tyler van Hensbergen, Backend Engineer

    Tyler van Hensbergen

    Backend Engineer

  • Andrea Cooper, Recruiter

    Andrea Cooper


  • Paige Walters, Marketing Program Manager

    Paige Walters

    Marketing Program Manager

  • Gene Robinson, Data Scientist

    Gene Robinson

    Data Scientist

  • Lindsey Bates, Office Manager & People Ops Coordinator

    Lindsey Bates

    Office Manager & People Ops Coordinator

  • Bilal Hussein, Quality Assurance Engineer

    Bilal Hussein

    Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Abdullah Haydar, VP of Engineering

    Abdullah Haydar

    VP of Engineering

  • Kelsey Cohen, Inbound Marketing Manager

    Kelsey Cohen

    Inbound Marketing Manager

  • Michael Asher, Data Scientist

    Michael Asher

    Data Scientist

  • Travis Walker, Quality Assurance Engineer

    Travis Walker

    Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Prathmesh Desai, Frontend Intern

    Prathmesh Desai

    Frontend Intern

  • Vigneshwaran Sendhil, Backend Intern

    Vigneshwaran Sendhil

    Backend Intern

We're always looking for more smart, highly-skilled, highly-motivated people to join our team.

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