Our mission is to build the technology that will help you create a better future for your farm

The story of FarmLogs begins in 2011. Jesse Vollmar and Brad Koch saw technology shaping the world for the better, but not back home where they came from: the farm.

They discovered that while they’d been working with cutting-edge technology at their first business, technical innovation on the farm had stalled out. The software tools available to their families and neighbors were clumsy, difficult to use, and expensive. Worse, they were making it harder for the family operation to run efficiently—not easier.

The future of farming needed to be better, faster.

That's when FarmLogs was born.

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1 in 3 U.S. Farms

Use FarmLogs to manage their operations

65M+ Acres

Under management by FarmLogs

30+ Employees

Dedicated to the FarmLogs mission

2 Offices

In Ann Arbor, Michigan and Des Moines, Iowa

Our focus is simplicity, efficiency, and profitability

The vision for FarmLogs is clear: create easy-to-use technology that helps row crop farmers run more efficient and more profitable businesses.

That means your needs will always be central to our efforts. Together, we’re using farmer intuition and technical expertise to create a better future for farming.

A note from the CEO

"If your family's livelihood depends on running a successful farm like mine does, then we are looking forward to getting to know you and introducing our technology and how it can help."
Jesse Vollmar, FarmLogs CEO & Co-Founder

Always independent, always unbiased

As an independent company committed to providing you with unbiased data and agronomic recommendations, we can keep a singular focus of helping you make every acre as profitable as it can be—regardless of what other providers you work with.

We're here to help and listen

Our top-notch Customer Experience team plays a central role in our partnership with you. They'll help you get the most value out of your account, and relay your feedback to our product development team so we can continue to provide you with real solutions.

"I can tell after meeting all the employees that they're excited to work for FarmLogs. And that helps me to get a better feel for the company, and to know I'll be sticking with them for quite some time."
Jim M., Michigan
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