Our mission is to build software that creates a better future for your farm

The story of FarmLogs begins in 2011, when Jesse Vollmar (our Co-founder) saw technology making things easier for the world, but not back home on the farm.

The software tools available to farmers at the time were clumsy, difficult to use, and expensive. So over the next few years, the FarmLogs team started building simple software that would help farmers run more efficient operations.

Now, there are over 50,000 farms on the FarmLogs platform, and farmers have access to more data and technology than ever before. But despite all of the new innovation in agriculture over the past decade, farmers are still struggling to sell the bushels they produce at a profit.

That’s why today, we’re focused on building new tools to help manage the profit you get from the crops you grow while improving the FarmLogs experience to make every aspect of running your farm a little easier. We look forward to working with your farm!

We believe in providing unbiased information

As an independent company, we care about one thing: helping you run a more efficient and profitable farm regardless of what other providers you work with.

That means your needs will always be central to our efforts and your feedback will always be heard.

A note from our co-founder

"We believe that technology can make it easier to run a farm, and we aim to provide our growers with tools that help them achieve success."
Jesse Vollmar, FarmLogs Co-Founder

We're here to listen and help

Our top-notch Customer Experience team plays a central role in our partnership with you. They'll help you get the most value out of your account and relay your feedback so we can continue to improve the FarmLogs experience.