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What can you do with FarmLogs FREE farm mapping software??

Monitor rainfall

No need to scout each field manually or guess how much rain each field has gotten ever again. Just check your FarmLogs dashboard and we'll give you precise totals for each of your fields!

Know profit by field

Simply enter your yield per field and see which fields were your top producers. View crop rotation and rainfall history so you know how they impact yield by field.

Year over year results

See how each field is trending this year vs past years. Get a more accurate idea of what is working at the field level across your farm.

Predict yields better

Knowing the precise amount of rainfall each field has gotten this year vs past years will help more accurately predict your yields at each field.

FarmLogs Is Your Complete Farm Management & Mapping Application

So much more than just a mapping tool!

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  • Make your plans and track activities, costs and revenue at the field level
  • Enter your equipment and maintenance records for each item
  • Keep an eye on the local weather and markets right on your personal dashboard

We built FarmLogs to be the easiest and most powerful farm management tool available. One of our farmers actually said, "It's so easy a kindergartner could handle it.". We haven't had any 5 year olds try it out but we love that our farmers agree that FarmLogs is a simple and better way to manage all aspects of their farm. Try FarmLogs out for yourself and let us know how it helps you.

What Else Can FarmLogs Help You Do?

  • Forecast and measure profits
  • Understand and manage risk
  • Create crop plans
  • Track activities and expenses
  • Monitor crop progress
  • Schedule operations more efficiently
  • Manage inventory and sales
  • Monitor weather
  • Study field performance
  • Find the best prices
  • Stay tuned to the markets
  • Work on the go
  • Keep equipment maintenance records
  • Visualize rainfall accumulation at the field
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