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  • Android Developer

    Join our Android team and work closely with design to deliver a delightful mobile experience to our customers.

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  • iOS Developer

    Join our iOS team and work closely with design to deliver a delightful mobile experience to our customers.

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  • Product Designer

    As a critical member of our design team, you will be bringing fresh ideas to the table while also improving existing features through great design.

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  • Product Science Engineer

    A bit of a hybrid role, you'll work with our Lead Product Scientist and Growth Lead (along with just about every other team) to turn data science into an experience users will rave about.

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  • Data Scientist, Product Science Team

    You'll join our Lead Product Scientist to decipher the human behavoir behind the data, and help drive product development across the company.

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  • Director of R&D

    Lead a team of Agronomists, Data Scientists, and Software Developers in exploring new opportunities for creating and delivering value to customers.

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  • QA Automation Engineer

    Perform quality assurance on our web and mobile releases to help ensure a great experience for our customers.

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  • Senior Front-End Engineer

    Lead our small but effective front-end web team. Wrangle the complexities of web architecture by architecting a robust, performant, and maintainable codebase.

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  • Back-End Engineer — API and Data Sets

    Integrate a wide variety of data sets into our back-end infastructure while ensuring that it's performant, reliable, and easily-consumable.

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  • Back-End Engineer — Feature Implementation

    Work with the design team to ship new features to our users in record time. Effectively manage our data API and the underlying product data model.

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  • Customer Success Specialist

    Manage relationships and provide service to a nationwide network of existing and prospective farmers through telephone and email support.

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  • Tell Us What You're Good At

    We're always looking for more smart, highly-skilled, highly-motivated people to join our team. If you have a skillset that you think would benefit our mission but isn't listed above, send us a message.

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