We're using software and data science to improve agriculture

Our mission is to be the company that invents the future of farming. We challenge what is possible and invent new ways of applying cutting-edge technology to the world's oldest and most foundational industry.

We are aligned with growers. Farmers are the core of agriculture and we help them use technology to be more successful. Farmer success is our success. We will never make a decision that doesn't benefit farmers.

Our world depends on agriculture. By making farming more efficient and helping farmers increase production, we have the opportunity to make a massive positive impact.

The FarmLogs Team

Meet the FarmLogs Team

Jesse Vollmar, Co-Founder and CEO

Jesse Vollmar

Co-Founder & CEO

Brad Koch, Co-Founder and CTO

Brad Koch

Co-Founder & CTO

Sam Pierce Lolla, Designer

Sam Pierce Lolla


Chris Schneider, Software Developer

Chris Schneider

Software Developer

Dylan Hamilton, Growth Team Lead

Dylan Hamilton

Growth Team Lead

Andrew Kirkegaard, Software Developer

Andrew Kirkegaard

Android Developer

Jason Amor, Designer

Jason Amor


Hilary Zdanowski, Community Support

Hilary Zdanowski

Community Support

Hung Truong, iOS Developer

Hung Truong

iOS Developer

Mayank Argawal, Lead Engineer

Mayank Agarwal

Lead Engineer

Nick Molen, Software Developer

Nick Molen

Software Developer

John Shriver, Software Developer

John Shriver

Data Scientist

Hiroshi Fukada, Software Developer

Hiroshi Fukada

Software Developer

Uzo Akwue, Office Manager

Uzo Akwue

Office Manager

Becky Steck, Project Manager

Becky Steck

Project Manager

Michael Koenig, Product Scientist

Michael Koenig

Product Scientist

Michael Marsh, Software Developer

Michael Marsh

Software Developer

Rodney Lyons, Intern

Rodney Lyons

Software Intern

Matt Stephens, Intern

Matt Stephens

Software Intern

Akshay Budhkar, Intern

Akshay Budhkar

Software Intern

Damian Wieczorek, Intern

Damian Wieczorek

Software Intern

Wilson Cusak, Intern

Wilson Cusak

Software Intern

Jake Soloff, Intern

Jake Soloff

Software Intern

We're always looking for more smart, highly-skilled, highly-motivated people to join our team.

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